Hi Kaye and Mike

We received your book, it’s really neat and we are very proud of it, I have been in contact with the Manager of Whitcoulls to order some for us as they will sell at the Centre. We have been very busy since the end of November, its just started to slow down, at long last, as you can see, Snoopy is still going very strong, he has a friend called Sparky who also has lost his foot to a Gin trap, Sparky lives at the Centre while Snoopy lives at our home.

Sparky plus a 10 day old Kiwi chick are on our live webcams, have a look, www.whangareinativebirdrecovery.org.nz we have also been showing a very young Wandering Albatross, great to hear from you and I hope all is going well over there for you both, keep in touch, all our best wishes.

Robert and Robyn WebbSnoopysnoopy

14 February 2007

What a great story! Thanks. My class really enjoyed the humour in it…….still doing the karate games! (You ninkinpoop!)

You must call in and sign our copy sometime!


Principle – Russell School